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I thought doing the brush script quotes and phrases would be a piece of cake and I could just whip them all up in an hour. Wrong. It took a lot of practice and experimenting to figure out which brushes and paints worked best for me. I’m sharing what I found worked to help save you time.

I first tried what I had on hand in my craft room, a small paint brush and craft paint that I watered down a little bit. This didn’t work well for me. It was gloppy and the paint wasn’t consistent through the whole quote. I decided to order some different tools and see if I could get better results.

Pentel Color Brush
I saw this brush in a lot of video tutorials and it looked like a great product, however I had a hard time getting the ink to flow consistently enough to look smooth and not dry. You really have to squeeze to get the ink into the brush and after 5 minutes of squeezing, it still wasn’t enough for a smooth flow of ink through the words. I found that this brush worked really well on paper with a smooth and sometimes slick finish, like a glossy paper. That wasn’t the look I wanted so I kept trying.

Pentel Water Brush and Gouache
This combination worked best for me. You fill the brush handle up with water and squeeze it through the brush tip. The harder you squeeze the more water flows through the tip. This brush cleaned up really easily and works well with gouache and watercolors. I highly recommend having this brush on hand for many different crafting uses.

I found it helpful to be loose in your writing, take your time and practice. If you have any tips you’ve found doing brush script, I would love for you to share. What phrases or quotes would you like to see in the future?

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