9 thoughts on “Woodland Party Cupcake Wrappers

  1. Linda

    Another request for the Woodland Animals theme. Could you possibly do a cup wrap? By this, I mean, a wrap to use around your own plastic cup.

    1. Amy Robison Post author

      Another great idea. Thank you! This is a hard one to design because there are so many different sizes and shapes of cups. I’ve listed a few alternative ideas that I hope will help.

      • wrap a ribbon or strip of paper around the cup and attach the animal die cut on the ribbon.

      • attach the woodland die cut to a straw as shown in this penguin party.

      • You can make each die cut into a print and cut to save on time. Silhouette has a tutorial on it here.


  2. amy lynn


    i need 40 cupcake holders but am not interested in purchasing the cutter, etc. can you print, cut and mail them for me for an agreed upon price? is that possible?

    let me know

    1. admin

      Hi Amy

      I only have my designs available for download. I am working on my own website right now to sell my designs to those that do not have a Silhouette. It is still in the works but there are a few designs on there. All of the Woodland Party designs are there. You just need to create an account to see the pricing and purchase. I hope that helps. Let me know if you have any questions. Here is the link for the Woodland Party Downloads.


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